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Kayrros Sessions at Climate Week NYC

Why the world needs independent monitoring of man-made methane emissions.

📆 Thursday, September 21, 2023

đź•š 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

🔊 Virtual/Zoom

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Methane is the fastest growing greenhouse gas, with more than 80 times the warming power of CO2 in the first 20 years. On current trends, methane is projected to contribute as much as CO2 to global warming in the first 20 years.

It is also comparatively easy to abate, making it the lowest hanging fruit for climate action. Despite some fossil fuel companies making efforts to reduce their methane emissions, a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that the industry as a whole—save for a few exceptions—continues to understate its emissions.

Self reporting and self regulating of methane emissions by the fossil fuel industry have proven ineffective. On the other hand, independent detections and measurements via monitoring satellites are making strides and delivering concrete results at scale.

Monitoring earth observation satellite imagery processed with AI is currently the only truly independent way to track and measure man-made methane emissions. Over the last few years, breakthroughs in AI, coupled with the launch of new satellites, have significantly advanced our understanding of anthropogenic methane emissions, thereby opening up extensive opportunities for mitigation. AI and earth observation (EO) are at the core of the work being done by the International Methane Emission Observatory (IMEO).

For example, evidence of methane emissions from Turkmenistan, a top emitter, has helped convince the country to look for ways to reduce its emissions. AI and EO have helped reduce emissions from Australia. Independent measurements via satellite can also determine the lifecycle emissions of LNG and crude oil exports, and thereby setting the market for “differentiated” or “responsibly produced” fossil fuel products.

This panel discussion will review the current state of the science on independent satellite monitoring of methane emissions. We will discuss what to expect from new satellites due to be launched in the near future, provide a progress report of current methane abatement plans, and some of the uses of satellite measurements that are already moving the needle and helping to reduce our global footprint.

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Speaker Panel

Discover valuable insights from our expert panel as they discuss the evolving landscape of
methane emissions monitoring and its role in addressing climate challenges.

NYC Speaker 1

Johana Dunlop

Carbon Connect International, Advisor

NYC Speaker 2

Anne-Sophie Corbeau

Center of Global Energy Policy, Columbia University

NYC Speaker 3

Evan Sherwin

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

NYC Speaker 4

Robert Cekuta

Hudson Partners, former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan

NYC Speaker 5

Katya Ghosh


NYC Speaker 6

Antoine Halff

Chief Analyst, Kayrros

About Kayrros

Kayrros is the leader in global environmental intelligence and asset observation technology. Applying AI and cutting-edge geoanalytics to satellite imagery and ground-truth data, we are trusted to deliver critical intelligence on energy, climate and sustainability.

Kayrros insights on reducing greenhouse gases, protecting people and assets, and managing the energy transition enable businesses and organizations make faster, smarter decisions across financial institutions, commodity and carbon trading, energy and nature-based solutions, governments and regulators.

Climate week NYC

About Climate Week NYC

Climate Week NYC is the largest annual climate event of its kind, bringing together some 400 events and activities across the City of New York – in person, hybrid and online. Each year, business leaders, political change makers, local decision takers and civil society representatives of all ages and backgrounds, from all over the world, gather to drive the transition, speed up progress, and champion change that is already happening.

Climate Week NYC is hosted by Climate Group, an international non-profit whose purpose is to drive climate action, fast. Climate Group hosts the official program during the week that brings together the most senior international figures from business, government, civil society and the climate sector.

Kayrros is inviting you to a pivotal discussion on the crucial role
of independent monitoring in the field of methane emissions.

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