ERCOT Impact Monitor

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In the past couple of years only 50% of publicly forecast solar and battery projects hit the grid, with massive impact on nodal and zonal prices and volatility.

With ERCOT Impact Monitor, get the most timely and accurate information on capacity additions to the ERCOT grid, with cutting edge satellite imagery and AI.

Make the right trading decisions with the right view on supply, storage and load additions to the grid in the next 12 months.

ERCOT Impact Monitor

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Forecast when the first electron
will hit the grid



The only comprehensive view of upcoming battery capacity addition

Cryto & Other Large Load

Crypto & Other Large Load

The largest unknown
on the grid

Why Kayrros ERCOT Impact Monitor?

Precision Forecasting

Unleash the power of satellite imagery and AI for timely and accurate forecasts.

ERCOT faces unique challenges as a wave of new solar and battery facilities prepare to hit the grid. The ERCOT Impact Monitor provides unique insights tailored to the Texas power grid, ensuring you're always prepared.

Kayrros ERCOT Impact Monitor